Is it time for a new putter grip? 3 Reasons you should upgrade.

Re-gripping clubs, especially the putter, is not something many amateurs think about, but it could be one of the most cost effective ways to improve your game the next time you hit the course.


Golf Pride recommends that grips should be replaced approximately every 30 to 40 rounds. For most weekend warriors, this is about once a year. Consider that the putter is the most used club in any golfer's bag. (Almost every hole!) Therefore, the average golfer is likely years over due on a new putter grip... This means YOU!

Signs of wear include:

  • smooth, shiny or hard surfaces
  • indented wear spots, likely under the thumbs
  • cracks or even peeling




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Golf is a feel sport. The grip is the only thing you actually "feel." It is your connection to the shot and provides all of the feedback from your impact with the ball. If your grip is worn out, the wrong size for you hands, the wrong shape for your grip style, or just doesn't feel right, your score will reflect this... and not in a good way.

Examples of different putting styles


So you found the perfect putter with the right balance of heel-to-toe weighting and good visual as you address the ball, but that grip is just wrong. Too hard, too soft, too big, too small...I get it, Goldilocks. Below are some basic guidelines for choosing the right grip for you.


  • Rubber - good tack, firm, direct feedback, very durable and easy to care for.
  • Foam - Soft/comfort (used for a lot of over-sized grips to keep weight balance from moving too much into the grip)


A thicker grip helps quiet the hands and wrists, which helps some golfers develop a repeatable stroke. One drawback of using a thicker grip is a reduction in the feel or feedback compared to a thinner grip. If you are feel putter, you will be more suited to a thin grip.


You should be re-gripping your clubs, especially your putter! It is simple and extremely cheap, and will make an immediate improvement on your game.


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